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December 03, 2020 4 min read

Africa is the world's largest continent with 54 countries, so fashion trends are varied and differ from coast to coast as well as online African stores. There are also countless universal trends used in African fashion that are also admired around the world. They frequently come back from season to season, including floral, African print cloth, and bright colors.

Fashion has arrested the heart of men too, and the everyday African wear for men drumming the internet is evidence enough. This world has stopped to be just for women as men are captivating an eager look at how they appear both in terms of grooming and wear. It is, therefore, not astonishing that men are intriguing brave steps towards achieving this objective.
They are wearing bolder prints and colors, which make it easier for them to stand out.

African clothing styles for men have come a long way throughout the ages. The styles are usually designed to correspond to various functions which and occasions. The style and culture of African clothes can be worn and displayed in any place or time and they make a distinctive statement about the man who chooses to wear them.

There is no requiring for dull and dreary looking for clothes when you have so many African clothing for men.

There are two types of clothing for men:

Traditional African clothing, and
Modern African clothing.

These are usually referred to as African fashion. The traditional clothing includes Kitenge, Lace, Leso, Gele, Iro, Isiagu, Kanzu and Kalasiris.

The most popular African clothing for men includes:


Kente is the most popular and the most celebrated of all African clothing styles. The Kente is made from African silk and has vibrant geometric patterns, colours and designs. Every piece of Kente has a specific meaning. Originating from Ghana, it is not only good to look at, but represents the cultural heritage of the African continent.

Kaftan tunics for men - They wear them on the seaside, lounging at home, when walking the dog or after the gym. Enjoy the soothing of Kaftan loungewear for men. The kaftan is a conventional long and loose item of clothing usually worn in West Africa and also parts of Algeria and Morocco. They are over and over again worn for extraordinary occasions but can also be worn indifferently. Some kaftan styles are so lengthy that they are similar to a dress. The design can be entirely plain or have a few decorations typically down the centre facade.


The Grand Boubou is a four-piece garment for men that is crafted and tailored specially to represent masculinity. The garment includes pants, a top, a Boubou outer garment, and a Kufi hat. This clothing style emphasizes everyday functional clothing with an embroidered gold pattern.


The Yoruba is a four-piece outfit which consists of a hat, Buba, embroidered pants, and an Agbada.

African Matching Pant and Shirt Set :

Several people like to be dressed in African wax print clothing on the top and bottom half of their body with a basic colored top, blouse, shirt, or a basic pair of trousers such as black or dark blue jeans. However, it is flattering ever more well-liked for men and women to be dressed in two piece blend outfits in the same print. For example, an African print shirt paired with shorts or trousers.

Animal Prints:

Bold animal prints are accepted in men’s African attire, for men counting cheetah spots and zebra stripes. It’s most excellent to wear a small quantity at an occasion as an alternative from head to toe, for example, the hem of a t-shirt or a short sleeve shirt. Trying animal prints can represent self-assurance, and they appear great when worn next to bright colors.

The Ghanaian smock:

The Ghanaian smock is a plain shirt that is similar to the dashiki and it is worn by men in Ghana. It is also called a fugu or a batakari. It is made of hand-loomed strips of Kente fabric.

Dashiki Dress:

Dashiki is a colorful garment for men that can be used for both informal and formal events. It features a stunning piece of embroidery around the neck area. The dashiki is made from African print, lace, silk, brocade, suiting or cotton fabrics.

Dashiki, also recognized as Angelina in West Africa and Makenzi in East Africa, is an accepted movable fitting t-shirt that is worn by adults and children. It originates from Nigeria and is usually worn in West Africa. It has a v-neck, and the attractive outline in the fabric covers the neck and end of the sleeves. Dashiki fabric is
also used to create men’s shirts and women’s dresses for extraordinary occasions.

Modern African clothing is informal wear or attire that can be used to wear to work or to wear on a daily basis. It is African fashion in the modern era that has been merged with European styles to make it an everyday attire. Modern dashikis, for example, come in various designs and patterns today. Most modern Africans wear Western-styled pants, shirts, dresses and shoes.

Modern African clothing for men includes items like African print skirts, trousers, jumpsuits, playsuits, etc. These African outfits are made using African wax prints or Ankara prints but are presented in a modern, stylish form. Other modern clothing includes African print bow ties, dashiki tops, and African print sweaters.